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Welcome to you, 

If you read these lines, chances are that you are standing or sitting in one of the two dry toilets from Piss and Love that have been transformed into art. 

Now ....

How does it feel? are you enjoying discharging your feces on a piece of art? 

We certainly hope so :) 

Take a minute to appreciate the uniqueness of this feeling and while you are witnessing your excreta leaving your body, holding your smartphone in one hand, know that it should not necessarily be a waste.

This is a  project with

Recycling human excreta has numerous benefits. By transforming two dry toilets into art pieces (thanks for the shit you give, it's a mountain of gold), this project tries to open a discussion on the value of human waste and brings attention to its benefits.   

  • It helps to reduce the amount of water and energy required for traditional wastewater treatment processes, which are often expensive and resource-intensive.

  • Recycling human waste can help to create valuable fertilizer and soil amendments, which can be used to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce reliance on synthetic fertilizers. This in turn can help to reduce the environmental impact of conventional farming practices, such as soil degradation and water pollution.

  • Recycling human waste can help to promote public health by reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses and improving sanitation in areas where traditional sewage systems are unavailable or inadequate. 

These two dry toilets were covered in tags, some of which are integrated in the paintings. The compositions of the toilet's exteriors are based on golden spirals (the Fibonacci sequence) as a hint to the concept of circularity. 

The many golden crowns in the paintings are a reference to Basquiat, one of the fathers of street art. They can also be seen as mountains of gold, which is what your shit is.  

Humans and humanoids appear in all panels to underscore the very basic common feature of us all. We go to the toilets every day, and what come out of it travels through space and time. 

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